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Washington honors America's Heroes of Freedom
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Disaster Preparedness Fair press release
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Editing consultant for disaster readiness website Editing consultant for travel website
Extend Your Image fundraiser
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Ghost writing for Plein Air Magazine

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Extend Your Image fundraiser

This piece was ghost written by Angela Young.
It ran in Out & About The Valley Magazine in August 2011

Cover of Out & About Magazine

Scan of article ghost written by Angela Young

Extend Your Image And Callie's Journey

By Jennifer Abrams

When I think of Extend Your Image Hair Salon, I think of extend your friendship. It's more about friendships and helping each other than just the hair and nails and of course the beautiful boutique with trendy clothing and unique jewelry. 

Robin who owns Extend Your Image is putting on a fundraiser to help a friend and loyal customer Marcy and a pup named Callie.  Tragedy struck Callie and her health declined rapidly due to a horrible autoimmune disease hemolytic anemia.

After numerous blood transfusions, the poor pup couldn't keep up the fight for its life.  Callie was put to sleep on June 26th and Marcy was left with a $6,000 vet bill. 

Extend Your Image and Desire 2 B want to help their friend with the mounting medical debt by hosting a fundraiser on Marcy's behalf.

This is Robin's first fundraiser and I am happy to help.  Robin has a big heart and it shows by how many sponsors are generously supporting this fundraiser. 

The community rallied together with their donations: X-treme Kustom Detail in Morgan Hill two full car details at $225.00; Desire 2 B Maureen's work of art "rosary beads" necklace at $150.00; Robin, Anne and Renee's hair color and cut at $155.00 each; Heather and Nancy's full set of nails and pedicure at $85.00. Australian Tanning one-month service at any store for any tanning bed unlimited spray tans at $300.00, and Dr. Thanapathy's $200.00 gift certificate toward Exilis treatments.

The drawings will be held at Robin's quarterly open house END OF SUMMER EVENT, Friday August 26th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm featuring Steven K. Struck, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

For more details, contact Extend your Image -- 408-779-2230.

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Editing consultant for travel website


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Editing consultant for disaster readiness website


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Editing consultant for game website


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Press release for Disaster Preparedness Fair

This press release ran for two weeks in <newspaper name redacted> from <date redacted> through <date redacted>

Personal information has been removed from this archive by request

October 08, 2005
Scan of press release by writer Angie Young

October 18, 2005
Scan of press release by writer Angie Young

The newspaper cut down the press release a little each time they printed it, in order to fit it into limited column space.

The original press release is below:

San Martin, CA—In the midst of turmoil around the globe with an increasing tide of natural and man-made disasters, people are wondering how to deal with such a catastrophe if one should hit southern Santa Clara County. That’s why <name redacted> in San Martin is hosting the “Day of Preparedness Fair” on Saturday, October 22nd from 1p.m to 5p.m to the community. On their one-acre parcel they will have booths set up with representatives from CDF, The sheriff’s Dept., Red Cross, U.S. Geological Survey, CERT Personnel, San Martin Neighborhood Alliance, and local law enforcement agencies.

This is a community-wide educational fair where people can learn what do in an event of an emergency. The participating agencies will be present to answer questions and talk to the public in a family-friendly atmosphere of music, a jump house, refreshments, and a raffle where people may win prizes.

<name redacted> is offering their property to the Red Cross as one of the crisis shelters to the south valley. Director <name redacted> says, “We are choosing a proactive approach of wisdom to avoid additional confusion should this situation ever arise. We have chosen the motto: Desperate times call for Wise Measures as our goal.  We invite our community to come together and learn along with us how we can best serve our area. “
<contact information redacted>.

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In The Studio

Angela was managing editor for this visual arts magazine for Silicon Valley Open Studios. Demographics cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area
Logo for "In The Studio" e-Magazine
Archive of issues edited by Angela Young

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Washington Honors America's Heroes of Freedom

This was a charitable event benefiting the widows & orphans of the 9/11 Pentagon attack.
The event was held on September 11, 2002 in Washington D.C.
Angela Young was the executive editor, and also the liaison with the American athletes from the 2002 winter Olympics.
Click here for more information.

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A speech for the mayor of Washington DC

This speech was to be read by the mayor of Washington DC on the 1 year aniversary of the 9/11 Pentagon attack. He was prevented from attending at the last minute, so his lieutenant gave this speech instead.

A name has been redacted from this archive by request.

I am deeply touched to be a part of your lives, America’s heroes of freedom who are present here, tonight; those who lost loved ones for the price of liberty, those who were wounded by the senseless attacks, and to the brave ones who risked their lives to rescue others on that fateful day of September 11. The mayor’s office is honored to endorse this patriotic tribute because it lifts up the true champions of our nation.  We stand beside you, humbled by your sacrificial giving.
We extend our hearts not only to Washington, D.C. and to those at the Pentagon, but to New York City, and to those who lost loved ones on the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  It is truly our privilege to partake in this commemorative event, one-year later on September 11, 2002.  To be surrounded by Americans who have not lost their strength, who keep going despite adversity.  My words cannot adequately express the compassion and gratitude I feel for all who perished last year.  However, the words painted on a sign at one of the crash sites best describes our sentiments, “Your bravery, your lives, will not be forgotten.”

I wish to thank <name redacted>, president of America’s Heroes of Freedom,  Inc. and Susan Brewer-Vice President and their staff for organizing this memorial.  Washington, D.C. will never be the same after the tragic events of September 11, however through this historic tribute; it is God’s way of encouraging and directing our paths to a brighter future.  Our blessings are with you always. Thank you again for allowing me to be a significant part of this evening.

Anthony D. Williams
Mayor of Washington, D.C

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