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Angela Young was the Central California Regional Editor for Plein Air Magazine

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Plein Air August 2005, Carmel Art Festival
Plein Air September 2005, Painting with the Pros
Plein Air November 2005, Scene on the Straight
Plein Air Fall 2011, Carmel Art Festival
Plein Air Fall 2011, Los Gatos Plein Air Festival
Scene On The Strait 2011
Los Gatos Plein Air 2012

Los Gatos Plein Air 2012: A Stellar Show

Ghost written by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Brenda Boylan by photographer Alheli Curry
Brenda Boylan painting
She won 3rd place
Photo by Alheli Curry

Photo of plein air artist Lori Putnam by Angela Young
Lori Putnam won 1st place
Photo by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Tom Kitts by Angela Young
Tom Kitts won 2nd place
Photo by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Tom Kitts by photographer Alheli Curry
Tom Kitts painting
Photo by Alheli Curry

Photo of plein air artist Anton Pavlenko by photographer Alheli Curry
Anton Pavlenko won
the artists' choice award
Photo by Alheli Curry

Photo of plein air artist Paul Kratter by Angela Young
Paul Kratter
Photo by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Sterling Hoffman by Angela Young
Sterling Hoffman
Photo by Angela Young

Innovative paintings created by 41 juried artists awed collectors and spectators at the 4th annual Los Gatos Plein Air in Silicon Valley, the hi-tech mecca of the world.

Silicon Valley--home to Apple Computer, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, Yahoo, Ebay, and Netflix--is also a great place for plein air painting.

 Los Gatos Plein Air is a benefit for art education for Santa Clara County youth. They put on a fabulous show and make sure the artists are treated well. They raised $50K.

Art collector Molly Perry hosted artist Ken Christensen this year.

"We're part of the Los Gatos Morning Rotary. We hosted artists for the last two years since we joined. We love watching the process, how they leave every morning and come home every night with canvasses."

Artists work hard all week and on Friday night they get to celebrate.  Three hundred people attended the sold-out gala at the California Café in downtown Los Gatos.

Anton Pavlenko from Portland, Oregon won Artist Choice Award and pocketed $750 for his 9x12" oil painting Los Gatos Gold at the gala. "There's this beautiful sunset, I knew I had to give it a shot. I set up shop, painted like a madman, and something clicked. I entered it in the show, won a ribbon and somebody bought it. I'm a happy man." Pavlenko says.

Other winners captured the attention of Judge Bob Gerbracht on Saturday. Lori Putnam of Tennessee took Best of Show and $1000 for Sitting At The Feet Of Giants, an 8X16" oil painting. "This painting was done out of Pachetti Winery near Cupertino. I walked around the property; there were these huge Eucalyptus trees. They were just sitting there waiting for me," Putnam shares.

Oregon claimed more winners. Portland resident Thomas Kitts won second and $750 with his 12"x16" oil painting Los Gatos Rose Arbor.

Kitts explains, "The first thing when I get to town I look for places that will be strong contenders . . . Brenda and I happen to be in the car driving on the street where our hosts are. Roses, arbor, picket fence, that's Los Gatos. The difficulty is not to make it too cutesy or too saccharine."

Brenda Boylan also from Portland, collected $500 and the white ribbon for her 8"x10" pastel painting Larga Vista Road. "It was completely unexpected. I'm thrilled. There was wonderful talent here. It was crazy stressful, exciting fun." Boylan says.

The top sellers at the show were Sheryl Knight, John Crawford, and David Savellano. Other notable participants--Sterling Hoffman, Paul Kratter, Ken Christensen, Maria Boisvert, Ed Lucey, Timon Sloan, Carol Gray Weihman, Donald Neff, Andrew Ballentine, Claire S. Verbiest, Ken Christensen, and Frank Miller--produced a strong exhibition.

Newcomer Sergio Lopez from Santa Rosa loved the show. "It was a very good experience, and I had a lot of fun. The organizers are all great, fun-loving people, and treat the artists like family. It's such a nice contrast between other events, which barely acknowledge your existence."

For more information please go to

Angela Young and plein air artist Brenda Boylan by photographer Alheli Curry
Brenda Boylan and Angela Young at the gala
Photo by Alheli Curry

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Scene On The Strait: Artistic Diversity And Style

Ghost written by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Brian Taylor by Angela Young
Brian Mark Taylor

Photo of plein air artist Mamie Walters by Angela Young
Mamie Walters

Plein air artist Sandra Lo by Angela Young
Sandra Lo painting

Photo of plein air artist Timothy Horn by Angela Young
Timothy Horn painting

The silent art auction at Scene On The Straight 2012 by Angela Young
The silent auction

Thanks to the Golden State's sunny climate and diverse topography many a painter relishes capturing the enigmatic amber rolling hills, majestic oaks, deserts, and charming waterways on canvas.

Because California's precious resources appear to be dwindling, a group of artists and Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC) took action to preserve the environment in the San Francisco East Bay by hosting Scene on the Strait, an outdoor art festival.

With 21 juried artists exhibiting their artistic talent every August in Martinez, California, it's a great place to visit. The proceeds go to fund a program for disadvantaged youth and keeping things green with environmental programs.

"Any show that's saving land, ridgelines and creeks I'm there and sign me up," Teresa Onoda chuckles. "Because that's what I love to paint."

With the stock market hiccupping the week of the event, many buyers weren't spending as much money as before. Despite the bumpy economy, David Hicks, organizer of 15th annual Scene on the Strait, gave a glowing report.

"Kevin Courter was the top seller with Robert Sandidge, Dana Hooper, Mamie Walters and Nikki Basch-Davis not far behind," Hicks says. "I felt relieved that we did as well as we did given the odds against discretionary spending right now."

Veterans such as Kevin Courter, Jerrold Turner, Terri Ford, Melinda Cootsona, Mamie Walters, Timothy Horn and Sandra Lo braved the relentless heat while speaking with visitors and buyers.

First timers Rolando Barrero and Jack Garasky did well and sold paintings there.

This year's show had the highest quality of art with a broad range of style from Bryan Mark Taylor's excellent representational pieces to Bill Rushton's striking figurative works.

Rushton went through a major change as an artist when he met Turner years ago. He shares, "I was painting photo-realistically. I felt like I was in a tunnel. There was no room for change or accidents. I happen to pass by The Creative Art Center. I went inside and saw Jerrold Turner's work and that moved me."

Taylor enjoys his art career. "I've been doing plein air for ten years. I like being outdoors I have direct access to the colors, light, the mood, the whole thing," he says. Taylor's plein air pieces look polished like a studio painting. "I'm a fast painter and so I can put a lot of finish in a work."

The row of buildings in Nancy Roberts' acrylic paintings was perfect as if drafted by a civil engineer. "For me buildings are a joy because I'm an architect and I understand how they work," Roberts discloses.

Douglas Morgan explains why he participates year after year. "It's a local show, which is nice. You don't have to get on a plane to go somewhere. It's for a good cause teaching kids about the environment, the Carquinez Strait and the wetlands. You can bring whatever you want: floral paintings, trucks, and seascapes."

Writer Angela young covering Scene on the Straight 2012
Angela Young

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Los Gatos Plein Air Festival Makes A Splash

Ghost written by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artist Dan Tellep by Angela Young
Dan Tellep showing the kids
plein air painting

Photo of plein air artist Erich Neubert by Angela Young
Erich Neubert took second
place with this painting

Photo of plein air artist Lori Putnam by Anglea Young
Lori Putnam won
the artists' chouce award

Plein Air artists eating pizza in the rain by Angela Young
Always feed artists pizza

The Los Gatos Plein Air Festival
Everyone had a great time,
even though there was a little rain

Turbulent charcoal-grey skies loaded with its watery payload didn’t deter thirty-five juried Plein Air painters from taking over the quaint town of Los Gatos, California. These stalwarts braved the elements despite the full fury of a storm.

The VIP Artists Reception and Artists’ Choice Silent Auction held at the California Café hosted by the Los Gatos Rotary sold out. Artist Lori Putnam from Tennessee won the Artists Choice Award with “Morning at Garrod’s.”

On Saturday at the Los Gatos Town Park Plaza, the awards ceremony plus wine tasting were in full swing underneath tents. Collectors purchased plenty paintings during the festival.

First-time participant Janice Druian from Oregon received a pleasant surprise regarding her “Before The Rains” painting.

Druian says, “I was having a generally good time, despite the weather…so I took a break from the outdoor show (under tents!) to buy a weather-proof poncho and upon my return, found that I had won Best of Show!”

Erich Neubert from Dana Point, California took second with “Vasona Park.”

Third place finisher Darrell Hill from Hawaii impressed Judge Rebecca Schapp, director of The de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University, with his piece, “Believe.”

For more information please go to

Plein air artist Lori Putnam with writer Angela Young
Lori Putnam with Angela Young

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The Carmel Art Festival: A Charming Plein Air Tradition

Ghost written by Angela Young

Photo of plein air artists Mary Stahl & Jean Stern by Angela Young
Mary Stahl and Jean Stern

Photo of sculptor Steve Whyte by Angela Young
Steve Whyte

Photo of plein air artists Thomas Kitts & Jean Stern by Angela Young
Thomas Kitts and Jean Stern

When you think of Carmel, California what do you envision? Turquoise waters pounding the surf in nearby Point Lobos National Park, the white sand beach with its famous lone cypress tree, the rustic European shops along Ocean Avenue or the plethora of Plein Air artists painting at their easels?

The 18th annual Carmel Festival drew the best outdoor painters in mid-May; juried artists Brian Blood, Laurie Kersey, Kevin Courter, Ken Christensen, Terri Ford, Randall Sexton, Sterling Hoffman, Paul Kratter, and Julia Munger Seelos among the sixty chosen presented a strong show to the delight of collectors, gallery owners, organizers, general public and the prestigious judge Jean Stern of The Irvine Museum.

Despite the economic pinch a variety of paintings sold; the top earners of this year’s festival featured Wayne McKenzie from Colorado and Thomas Kitts from Portland. Kitts fared well not only in sales but won the competition overall with “Ghosts in the Morning” plus the Mayor’s Choice Award.

“The locals know this place as the “Ghost Trees” and it can be found near the world-famous exclusive Pebble Beach Golf Course on 17-Mile Drive. After a long day of painting out at Point Lobos, and dinner and drinks at the Jack London Bar, Larry Moore, and Don Sondag, and I decided to try to bluff our way past the guard station on 17-Mile Drive and paint the ghosts at midnight. We succeeded at reaching the trees but unfortunately, while one of us was pulling out some gear we set off a car alarm, which provoked private security, and we got kicked out before we could get to work. So, like the proper artists we are, we packed up and went back to the bar. The next morning, at dawn, I managed to roll out of bed and return to the ghosts and paint them anyway,” Kitts explains.

Other prize-winning entries include Laurie Kersey’s second place painting “Pebble Beach Dunes” and Terri Ford’s third prize pastel “Morning Vista.” First-timer Joaquin Turner won the People Choice Award with “Point Lobos.”

The Artist Choice Award and Best Oil and Acrylic Award went to Randall Sexton for “Strawberry Fields Forever.”  Brian Blood won Best Local Artist Award with “Pescadero Pt. Overlook” and Kevin Courter won the Quick Draw for his entry “Pebble Beach Tapestry.”

Mary K. Stahl won the Best Emerging Artist Award for her pastel painting “Well Worn Path.”

Stahl says, “Plein Air is by far my favorite form of art, I used to do oils but then I discovered pastels and that was something. I want to thank a couple of people for spurring me on, one is Terri Ford and another is Kim Lordier. Kim has influenced me in my pastel painting.”

Bill McLane a transplant from Massachusetts enjoyed the experience in Carmel. “I think the shows here are less uptight than the east coast. It’s truly casual. I love it. It’s California come on, we can paint all year here.”

For more information on all winners please go to

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Plein Air November 2005

This small feature appeared in the "En Couleur" section of the November 2005 issue of Plein Air Magazine.

Cover of November 2005 issue of Plein Air Magazine

Feature by writer Angie Young in the En Couleur section of Plein Air Magazine
Portrait artist Christopher Newhard painting a model by Anglea Young

Every August the City of Martinez, CA hosts Scene on the Strait, featuring outstanding works of well-known plein air painters. This juried show and sale is a favorite among the artists for the organizers’ exceptional talent in producing a high quality event with live music, a non-stressful environment, and scrumptious food. Carquinez regional environmental education center (CREEC) puts on the annual fundraiser for at-risk students with successful results year after year. Information:

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Plein Air September 2005

This small feature appeared in the "En Couleur" section of the September 2005 issue of Plein Air Magazine.

Cover of September 2005 Plein Air magazine
Three professional plein air artists launched the “Painting with the Pros” plein air event on Saturday, May 15, 2005 to introduce more people to outdoor painting. Artists Stefan Baumann, Armand Cabrera and Charles Muench gave demos for the 50 participating artists on site at Baker’s Beach in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They did this to commemorate their one-year anniversary of and to meet others who are enthusiastic about painting out in the open air. Information:
Artist Stefan Baumann painting in San Fransisco by Angela Young
Artist Stefan Baumann on location at Baker’s Beach in San Francisco, CA
Scan of small piece written by Angie Young

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Plein Air August 2005

Cover of the August 2005 issue of Plein Air magazine
Cover of August 2005 Plein Air magazine
Scan of Angie Young's half page in Plein Air magazine on Aug05

The August 2005 issue contains a half-page spread
where Angela covered the Carmel Art Festival.

Artists at the Carmel Art Festival, photo by Angela Young
Some of the Carmel Art Festival's participating artists (L-R): Randall Sexton (3rd Place), Niles Nordquist, Teresa Onoda, Mehdi Fallahian, and J.Thomas Soltesz (Honorable Mention).

Small-town charm and sunny coastal weather attracted 90 Plein Air artists to Carmel, California, for the 12th annual Juried Carmel Art Festival. The event included an artist gala, paint-outs, a quick-draw contest and other attractions. Twenty-two artists garnered awards in the competition.
Information: Carmel Art Festival,

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