An Historical 9-11 Event in Washington, D.C.

This was a charitable event benefiting the widows & orphans of the 9/11 Pentagon attack.
The event was held on September 11, 2002 in Washington D.C.
Angela Young was the executive editor, and also the liaison with the American athletes from the 2002 winter Olympics.

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In the winter of 2002, I was asked to be the executive editor for a nonprofit organization. The purpose of this nonprofit was to host an event honoring those who suffered from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The spotlight for this particular event was on the people who survived the assault against the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. because most of the attention at the time was on New York City, the site of the tragic destruction of the World Trade Towers. The 9-11 tribute (endorsed by the mayor of D.C.), occurred at the Capitol on September 11, 2002 at two locations: D.A. R. Constitution Hall and O.A.S Building. The celebrities who came to honor the orphans, widows and the rescue and recovery workers were Mohammed Ali, Roberta Flack, Randy Travis, Ron Kenoly, Andy Kronhaur, the Nelson brothers, and 17 American Olympic medalists from the winter 2002 games. 1850 Pentagon family members and survivors were deeply touched by the attention they received from various groups across the nation.

During the seven months leading up to the event in the fall of 2002, I corresponded with the Olympic athletes through email and phone as the liaison between them and the nonprofit. I also wrote letters to President George W. Bush, Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington, D.C., members of congress, a host of celebrities world wide and other dignitaries outside the Hollywood community. It was thrilling to be there and I know the event helped the orphans and widows of 9-11. I got to impact their lives in a unique way, something I'll never forget.

Photos of September 11, 2002 Event in the Capitol

Mohammad Ali and 17 Olympic Athletes
Mohammed Ali, 17 American 2002 Winter Olympic Medalists and Andy Kronhaur on D.A.R.'s stage at 9-11-02 tribute in Washington, D.C.

Four Winter 2002 Olympic Medalists
American Olympic winners from the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, visiting Washington, D.C. for an historic tribute to Pentagon family members.
9-11 family members
Family members from the Pentagon attack

Pentagon families talking to Olympic medalists
Pentagon families talking to American Olympic medalists

9-11 families with Olympic medalists
Family members from the Pentagon attack posing with American Olympic athletes. The kids are holding Olympic silver.

Angie Young with Olympic gold medalists
Left to right: Angela Young; 2002 Winter Olympians, Casey FitzRandolph (gold, speed skating), Tristan Gale (gold, Women's Skeleton).

The 2002 Winter Olympic medalists
19 American Olympic medalists from the 2002 winter games.

Dinner for the Olympic athletes
There was a special dinner for the Olympians the night before the tribute on September 10, 2002.
Tristan Gale, Gold medal, Women's skeleton
Tristan Gale, Gold Medalist in the Women's Skeleton from the 2002 Olympic winter games.

Angie Young and Olympic athlete Bill Schuffenhaur
Olympian Silver medalist, Bill Schuffenhaur and Angela Young, liaison to the famous athletes.

Angie Young with the Olympic medalists
Angela Young with the brightest and most talented athletes in the world.

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