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Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine & Plein Air Magazine

Angela Young was the Central California Regional Editor for Plein Air Magazine in 2004 to 2006. She has continued writing for them since.
Plein Air Magazine changed into Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine in January of 2006. The two were split into separate publications in 2011. They are published internationally.
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The Giloy Patch

Angela has written stories for The Gilroy Patch as a free-lancer.
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Artistic License

Angela wrote a visual arts column for Out & About magazine. It covers the San Francisco Bay Area, including the surrounding counties. She also wrote a series of sport articles on running named "Go The Distance",
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In The Studio

Angela was managing editor for this visual arts magazine for Silicon Valley Open Studios. Demographics cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area,
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Archive of issues edited by Angela Young

South Valley Newspapers

Angela was a freelance writer for South Valley Newspapers.
South Valley Newspapers owns The Gilroy Dispatch, The Hollister Free Lance, The Morgan Hill Times, and The Pinnacle.

Angela not only contribute her wealth of knowledge of the visual arts to SVNP but also running called "The Finish Line".
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Work for Ministries

Angela wrote a political speech for the major 9-11 event in Washington, D.C., press releases, articles, and edited a quarterly publication for this international organization.

The blessings of South Valley Living

Angela, as the featured writer, composed a plethora of articles on South Valley living plus other stories for a weekly newspaper, Miracle Miles.

Articles for La Oferta Review

Angela wrote featured articles for a bilingual Northern California newspaper, La Oferta Review, including front page stories
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